Deathmatch Statistics

Deathmatch MMORPG


Find the Goku Death Match NPC, hes located in every town!

Create your perfect Death Match game 2 - 50 players required.

Start earning Zeny and Premium Points today!


Top Zeny Winners

NameZeny Won
Warlord Mortus Vivens62,798,000
A l J60,959,500
B l v c k S c v l e10,534,000
Cornelius Aurelius7,722,000
Bite Size Chair7,540,000
Azn Puff6,702,000
Kanna Kamui Chan5,460,000
Papa God5,304,000
l K u l o t l2,912,000
CkC lEclair2,582,000
Lvl 69 Squirt2,024,222
oO Little Oo1,900,000
Your Athletic Father1,880,000
Not Ian1,840,000
Diane Travels1,820,000

Top Point Winners

NamePoints Won
No players have won any points yet.