posted on 02-05-2017 by Big Dumb Object

" Demonstration Can now be cast on the same cell that a player is standing on (fixes #194) Backslide is now working properly (fixes #61) Jupitel Thunder after cast delay has been fixed (fixes #134) Packing master has..."


posted on 01-21-2017 by Big Dumb Object

" Maintenance has concluded. All Servers Hatred should now have the correct monster ID after relogging. (fixes #123) Loki Drooping Metal Dragon Effect has been adjusted. (fixes #147) Eden Safe refiner now..."

Website Maintenance - Sale of the Day

posted on 01-07-2017 by Big Dumb Object

" There is now a Sale of the Day feature on the website. Every day a random item will be selected and placed on sale. If you are online this item will be sent to your inventory, otherwise it will be sent to your web storage. The item..."

Website Maintenance

posted on 12-28-2016 by Big Dumb Object

" Welcome to the belated Christmas website maintenance announcement! I'm your host for this evening. Today we cover 2 additions to the website. Lets start with the smallest... there is now an in game notification when your donation is..."

Christmas Maintenance

posted on 12-25-2016 by Big Dumb Object

" Maintenance - Christmas 2016   Christmas event added (Thor gets it later) Christmas limited edition cash shop items added Reflect shield now works on devoed people (fixes #105) Emergency call and..."

Maintenance & Black Friday Deals!

posted on 11-24-2016 by Big Dumb Object

" Maintenance has concluded, and Black Friday deals are beginning! The first deal begins now, starting with double donor boxes on all qualifying donations. As usual, your donation must clear before the deal ends to get double boxes...."

#1 / B l v c k S c v l e
#2 / alexis07
#3 / Mully Chwis
#4 / Lucius BlacK
#5 / champetable

#1 / No Main Set
#2 / Imperial Order (Thor)
#3 / Xx Segnaro xX (Loki)
#4 / Wanda Maximoff (Loki)
#5 / 4685 (Thor)
Marvin Dustiness Card [5 Cedi]


DS Stalkers

posted on 02-18-2017 by Green Leafy Vegetable

" Can we remove the penalty on DS when adding a level on chase walk? Currently it's -10% DS damage modifier per level you put on chase walk which is a straight -50% at level 5. Playing a sniper with cloak is actually better than putting..."

Sinx crit

posted on 02-16-2017 by Mister Chips

" Guys, if im gonna build a crit sinx do i still need to increase my Hit if im going to kill orc champion? "

Anyone from Montreal/Quebec?

posted on 02-16-2017 by K n i g h T I

" So anyone playing from Montreal or Quebec?! "

Wiki update custom equipment list

posted on 02-15-2017 by ZeosRazencrant

" hello guys since i saw the Custom Equip list was EMPTY , i decided to organize a little that and give a fast access to all customs items (putting link to the real topic of it to get more info about )   the idea is to know..."

Loki Economy

posted on 02-11-2017 by Hoy

" I've been playing on and off since around 2013. In the first few months, I noticed that prices of items in the market are going up and down. Cards, creds, armors and weapons etc. But generally, they're pretty much stable. For..."

gear set bugged?

posted on 02-11-2017 by Atong Ang

" i just created my 5th gear set. works fine but when i logged out and log back in and try to use the box it says " item not found in gear set: null" i deleted that set and created one again with same exact gears and when i tested..."

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